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Nothing Like Old Clothes to Make you Feel Awesome

I am so, so loving Junky Styling. Designers Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager get their source material from charity shops and jumble sales, then, presto chango, they come up with something like this:

dress.jpg or this: dress-t.jpg,

which I am so going to beg them to let me wear to my next red carpet event.

They have a long-established shop in Brick Lane, so get your ass on your bike and ride down there for some very special clothes that can also boost your green credentials.

Heads up from Boing Boing.

You can Kiss my Green Ass


OK, this one from Going Green: The City of London has announced that they will no longer allow parking concessions for electric vehicles. This is just, well, stupid. Giving people monetary incentives to go green works. Taking money away after they have, in good faith, purchased these funny little cars just pisses people off. As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, I cannot vote. But, you Londoners can. So please write your representatives, and tell them that they are just being asses.

To quote Going Green:

“The reason cited by the City of London for this dramatic change was that although the programme had proved very successful it had, in their view, encouraged increased vehicle use within the borough. The subsequent air quality improvements through the use of zero emission vehicles were not mentioned in the announcement.”

Photo and heads up from Tree Hugger.

London’s First Eco-Club Opens in Kings Cross

This via, London’s first eco-club will open in Kings Cross on July 10th. Some bright young spark has figured out a way to turn dancing feet into electricity. Now that’s a thought. Instead of shooting each other for energy, we can shake our booties.

Diagrams stolen straight from greenlaunches:



Mayoral Elections; the green view

Paddick, Berry, Livingstone, Johnson

If you’re going to vote in the upcoming elections for the London Mayor and Assembly, and have a bit of a green tint to you, it’s well worth checking out some of the recent podcasts on Guardian Environment Weekly.

This week featured the Lib Dem candidate Brian Paddick, last week it was the Labour incumbent Ken Livingstone – and I can only assume Boris Johnson is coming up soon! Oh, and the (easily) most attractive candidate in the race, the Greens’ Sian Berry, was on the show back in February. You can find the entire audio archive at (more…)

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