Suddenly, it’s Tuesday

Today, Tuesday 27 July, will see me pay a visit to a hypnotherapist at London’s No 1 Harley street, since I’m quitting smoking.

Inevitably over the course of the past week or so the topic over a few beers with my mates have been smoking. Or rather, smoking. I posted a while ago that it’s really difficult in London since so many people still smoke, and you can smoke almost anywhere. (I wonder if you’re allowed to smoke on a parked motorbike? Sorry, silly joke.)
I recall about a year or so ago the announcement of a completely smoke-free pub in the heart of London. At the time, it sounded really weird. No smoking in a pub? Then along came the Irish ban and it was talked about on the TV etc etc but must admit, I’ve not heard much about that since.
A friend told me last night that there are more non-smoking pubs coming to London. Just for the record, even as a smoker, I welcome that. I hate the fact that all my clothes smell of smoke at the end of the evening and I am also very concious of my smoke going into the faces of non-smokers whilst I’m at a bar. (So why smoke then, you might ask…I know.)
I read on the thisislondon website that in January of this year, “seven out of ten people are bothered by other people’s smoke, while about four out of ten have left or avoided a bar or restaurant as a result.”
I notice on the same page a link to an article entitled “Takings double at smoke-free pub”. This article’s link does not work, so I wonder what that is all about. Either people drink more since they can’t smoke, or (hopefully) they’ve just attracted more customers.
If the website of fresh air online is to be believed, there are “no smoke-free pub chains at present” – whether that’s in London or not I’m not sure. They do list JD Wetherspoons as a chain of bars who are non-smoking. Nice website, by the way.
There are rumours about that the Greene King (yes, there’s an extra “e” in there”) chain of pubs are considering making all of their 500+ pubs smoke-free. Perhaps I’ll become a regular then.
Tomorrow I’ll be blogging as a non-smoker, but don’t worry, I vow not to become one of those “I hate smoking” people. I liked it while I smoked and I’m sure I’ll miss it. Just don’t tempt me for a ciggie down at the pub.
– Riaan

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  1. Blogga (unregistered) on June 10th, 2005 @ 11:37 am

    Did you go and see this guy? He’s meant to be really good ……!

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