The London Loo Papers, Part I: Engage (and that means you)

The London Loo Papers initiative is the result of an announcement over the weekend that a unique aspect of London life has been singled out for review on the next iPod application.
And no, it’s not London’s fun, scholarship, music, theatre, literature, architecture, engineering, fashion, food, etc.
It’s London’s public loos!!!!!
The first thing those commercially minded programmers choose to introduce visitors to our city is the state of our public loos.
Billed as a multimedia toilet guide it’s downloadable to PC or Mac and uses the iPod text facility. As an interactive guide to which loos are clean and which not, which has an attendant, opening hours, if any, &c, it’s called the pPod. But of course.
And the men and women who leave public loos in a such a state that they’ve been singled out to define our city? We’re walking around with them . . .. (Think; engage; how can they be shown the error of their ways; how can they be stopped from crapping basically on the rest of us.)
And the men and women who clean up in such places? They deserve every honour going and a big place in our esteem.
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  1. (unregistered) on July 28th, 1904 @ 12:05 pm

    I’m more worried about the men and women who are writing this drivel in an attempt to define MY city – can we get them deported, or just look them in the friggin’ kharzis?

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