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I got my Assport!!

For All the Turo Jugend in London!!! GET IT ON!

There is gonna be a Happy Tom Bowling Competiton called “Bowl Me Like The Wind” its planned to be held at Rowans Bowling – Finsbury Park in London, 30th of November.

It will start during the afternoon and roll into the evening when it’s time to move over to Camden (to conincide with theTurbonegro gig @ KOKO in Camden).

This is gonna be a seriously ass rocking Event book your tickets as soon as possible. dont forget its just flesh!

Tickets for the gig can be bought at stargreen


To Join the Jugend click here!

To find out why I keep saying ASS, ASSPORT and I GOT ERECTION click here!!

Just because…..

….. I really like this picture. Its a block of council housing on the way to my Mum and Dads house. you have to walk under the motorway just after here, so its really strange to see this quiet little green. On one side is the A40 elevated Section… and the other Laitmer Road train station!

under the westway

Where are all the Bar People At ????

Just got Word of a brand new site soon to be launching –

Its launching….so soon, the excitement is palpable. Watch this space as I’ve been promised that I’ll be told first when the site goes live. And it won’t be long.

In the sites own words –

‘The concept is simple. The Steps are Easy. BarPeople,net works on the principle that people with similar tastes share similar spaces.You name your favourite Bars, Clubs and Restaurants – We tell you who visits thoses places; which other places they vist; and give you a way to communicate with them
Enlarge your social circle. Increase your knowledge of the best places in town
Socialise. Energise. Capitalise. Its that Easy!!

Well I just joined – the idea seems simple enough.. meet and socialise with other people that like the same places you do. A great Idea for when your best friend is in hiding with her new man, the lads are out a a game… or simply everyone else is fully booked.

bar people .net.gif



Originally uploaded by Andyrob.

This is the new office block and plaza in the space where the rest of the old Spitalfields Market used to be. There had been a strong local campaign to retain the space as a community resource but the big money won, as this BBC News article from 2003 explains

Looking for the perfect slice

This Saturday we’re off to New York, for me the first time since May 2000. Along with a long list of things to do there is looking for the best NYC pizza. I found this site, Slice, and have never looked back. Everyday is not allocated its own pizzeria.

Doing this wee bit of research led me to wonder why we don’t have the same piza culture here? All I have nearby is Domino’s or Pizza Hut. The only ‘decent’ pizzeria I know of is in North London and thats La Porchetta nearFinsbury Park. What I want to know why aren’t there more, and please don’t dare mention the slice merchants that lie in wait for tourists on the routes to Leicester square.

Come on, please tell me where the good London pizzerias are?

Creative capitalism

Today marked the start of London Fashion Week, as well as the third day of the fortnight-long London Design Festival.

As a kid, I used to want to be a fashion designer, so it should be a dream-come-true, being in one of the great fashion capitals of the world during its Fashion week. And every tailor and his neighbour seems to be involved – even a tailor on Turner Street, off Whitechapel Road was doing some samples for the event!

So, was I in town, in the forefront of cutting edge fashion and getting an early glimpse into next next season’s Next Big Thing?

In fact, I was in the office, labouring under the capitalist yoke. London, which seems able to be everything for everyone, also happens to be one of the great financial capitals of the world.

So unfortunately, I have neither pictures, nor stories. But if anyone checks it out, I would be happy to hear about it!

London Fashion Week
London Design Festival

In my Myspace Inbox….

from: tHE liquor Store

Date: Sep 17, 2005 11:44 AM
Body: Hi this is Nic from the liquorstore
like your profile
cool pics
maybe you caN CHeck out my music
leave a comment if you like
lets be friends
its kinda japanese techno rock
hope you enjoy it
spread the word
the band is based in london
check my pics as well
keep in touch

September, 17 2005 at The Leather Bottle, Wimbledon
277 Kingston Road, Wimbledon Chase, London, SW19 Cost: FREE

The liquorstore and other bands will play a free gig its bloody free so there is no excuse unless your dead..come down have some beers and enjoy the fucking plush music…..see you down there

The beer is cheap too from 6pm onward

we are on about 9ish

Cheers Nic theliquorstore

A Whole Day of Music!

As this looks like it is going to be a very enjoyable way to spend this Saturday in London.
I thought I would share it with you.


Sixteen bands and a free after show party with even more…for charity and only

London Police

tuscan.jpg London is a variety-pack of police, what with the Met and the City and the Transport cops.

And they will always surprise you with the selection of vehicles that they drive, showing up to fender-benders in hoodlum-crushing armoured vans, or piling like circus clowns out of tiny two-door cars. Who gets to sit in the front seat? Is it decided by rank? Are the bike cops jealous of the motorcycle cops as they ring their official cop bells?

But today I saw two police officers on Vespas! It’s just too adorable. “Stop! Theif!” Scoot, scoot, scoot.

Howdy London!

Tankboy from Chicago here…we just got in a couple hours ago and I’m already in love with the Tube. Chicago is known for its El trains but your system makes so much more sense and covers so much more ground. Plus a nice lady at the airport stopped my girlfriend from buying a day pass at that location because, “You’ll pay too much for it here and probably never use it for most of the zones anyway. Wait until you get closer to where you’re staying.”

Imagine that, a salesperson with scruples!


We’re going to see Billy Elliott later (against my wishes but my girlfriend’s sister mistakenly ought tickets for the play a year ago — don’t ask — and we happen to be in town the day she bought them for. After that, who knows? I’m looking forward to downing many pints, visiting many sites and maybe even poorly and arrhythmically shaking my American ass to loud dance music in a public space since no one knows who the hell I am here.

This is going to rock.

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