Halloween Weekend! Oooh, scary!

HarryPotter1.JPGHalloween is the best holiday. That’s right: THE BEST.

It’s totally dedicated to candy, dressing up, partying, and pranks. There’s no heavy emotional baggage: no one cries because they’re not with their family for Halloween. There’s no religious stress: no one goes on the radio to complain that we’ve forgotten the true meaning of Halloween.

Even Bonfire Night, as excellent as it is to set the local park on fire, doesn’t have the full dressing-up/candy angle, and there is some debate whether it’s an un-PC anti-Papist hold-over.

So here are some inspirations from the spiritual home of Halloween, North America. Let us follow their shining example (in this and huge, inexpensive pizzas only).

Why are there so many pumpkins in the shops, but so few jack-o-lanterns? Where are those pumpkins going? Be inspired to display your pumpkin; have a look at Masterpiece Pumpkins. Yes, that is Harry Potter on a pumpkin. But don’t get tempted to carve the logo of your favourite American football team, that’s just too much.

atat.jpgIin America, costumes are more about humour and creativity, and may not be at all scary. But so great! This guy made himself a Star Wars AT-AT costume out of cardboard. And there are about ten great ideas just from the other people at the party in the pictures with him. How about “Girl from ‘The Ring'”?

And don’t forget what happens the day after Holloween–there’s a reason why smashing pumpkins is a phrase iconic enough to inspire a band name. Biodegradble and fun! Let’s just suspend the ASBOs for one night.

Happy Halloween! Don’t forget your tickets to The Voodoo Ball!

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