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Down and Out in Central London

Just blew back to town after a two month sojourn in the Swedish countryside. The main priority is to find a flat in Central. When I say Central, I don’t mean EC or SE, I mean WC1 or, preferably, WC2: Covent Garden, Holborn, Soho, Fitzrovia (OK, if I have to). Nice, if you can afford it, but I can’t, really. I just live in tiny little flats with two Swedish blokes

Seven Sushi Samurai

This year, the award ceremony of the fourth Original Sushi Competition will take place on November the 7th at the Chino Latino Restaurant & Bar, Embankment.

If you didn’t enter the competition- which involved the creation of a new type of sushi, combining any ingredient of your choice with the classic sushi rice- but you fancy trying authentic sushi prepared by the Seven Sushi Samurai, i.e. the top Japanese chefs in London, the tickets for the event are still available at

Should you be desperate for sushi before then and live around Shoreditch (an area which has been deprived of a serious Japanese restaurant for far too long) I’d personally recommend Blossom, which has been recently opened in Hoxton Square- I can only assume, to come to the rescue of all sushi fans living in East London.

The Voodoo Ball

With only ten days to go until Halloween (the best American import since Starbucks) – time to flag up my Halloween venture – The Voodoo Ball.

We’ve hired out The Clink (the genuine medieval prison on the South Bank) and are turning into a massive private party, with all the profits to go to the Red Cross.

It’s on Saturday, 29th, and runs from 9 until 2. The first fifty people through the door will be getting free drinks, and we’ve negotiated so that everyone will be buying cheap drinks from the bar all night. Also, those that arrive before 11 get to play in the museum proper before heading up to the dancefloor.

Big dancefloor, three DJ’s. Etc. And fancy dress mandatory, of course…

No tickets at the door, and we’re only selling 200 in total. Most of which, I’m happy to say, are gone!

Catch Them if you Can

Two music-related movies that may interest some of you are coming up at the London Film Festival: New York Doll- not surprisingly, given the title, about glam rockers The New York Dolls-, is showing tomorrow at 18:30 at the Odeon in Leicester Square- could it be this year’s End of the Century?
One can only hope.

And for all Nick Cave’s fans out there, the first movie written by him, the Proposition, will be again at the Odeon in Leicester Square at 21:00 on Wednesday 26th of October- and, for the lucky ones who don’t have to work in the afternoon, the day before at 13.45.

Fathers for Justice…

…were out in force on the Strand today, generally making a lot of noise. Substantial police escort though – I guess feigning a chemical attack in the House of Commons probably helped. There’s an interesting (and favourable) look at these guys in an old Spiked Politics interview.

Agree with them or not (to be honest, I’m pretty torn), they’ve got an interesting take on the art of protest, and the organisation of protest movements.

Let’s all go to the London Film Fest


It’s got 20 screenings and events A DAY…don’t these people have jobs? Anyway, surely we can get to two or three hundred of them.

I want to see that French penguin documentary that everyone is going mental for in America.

The London Film Festival

Candid Arts Trust

If you’re in the mood for some art but aren’t prepared -perhaps understandably- to pay, then the Candid Arts Trust may be the thing for you.

Based in a Victorian warehouse in Torrens Street, behind Angel tube station, the Gallery is exhibiting the work of contemporary UK artists and designers for the whole of October- or, to be precise, every weekend this month.

Coming up this Friday is the Fashion, Textiles and Jewellery show, whereas next weekend it’ll be the turn of Furniture, Ceramics and Glass. Personally, I’ve been to the Graphics & Printmaking show and I can safely state that, while comparing to other fairs this is certainly “small potatoes”, it still retains a certain interest, particularly if you’re after a special Christmas present- though I’m sure you’re not, given it’s only October and there are plenty of other things to get excited about for a while more.

The Trust also runs a small caf

A tale of two crashes

As a cyclist I’m maybe more aware than most of how low the national profile of cycling is in this country. In London the past few years have seen figures for cycle use go upwards as never before. However, the metropolis things are less rosy though getting better. This week highlighted somewhat brutally how some sports matter more than others as far as the press is concerned. Two car crashes, two dead sportsmen.

What do Johnny Haynes & Zak Carr have in common? They were both killed this week. Both were unknown to many I’m pretty sure and yet both had made huge contributions to their chosen sports. Johnny was the first

Fitzroy Tavern

Managed to sneak in a few pints last night at the Fitzroy Tavern, at the foot of Charlotte Street. It’s got a long, elaborate history (what London pub doesn’t?), a celebrated list of historical clientele (Aleister Crowley, Virginia Woolf, Augustus Jean, Bernard Shaw, etc.) and, most importantly, an absolutely phenomenal heffe-weise on tap.

The place is packed on weekends, and in nice weather, but it’s a good hangout for murky days and odd hours. The food is fairly lacklusters, so you won’t be missing anything by skipping meal-times.

Where Am I ???


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