The Dali Universe: Faux Art Buffs Do Apply

I finally made my way over to the Dali Universe over by the London Eye. I’ve been meaning to go to this exhibit for quite some time. Having a friend from the States over for a few weeks, I decided to take him to the Dali Universe after we had finished off the free galleries last week. Regardless of the tourist aspect to it, I’ve been a fan of Dali’s for years so it was great finally making my way over to it.

In my opinion the gallery is not modestly priced at £15 considering the quality of free exhibitions you get in London. However, there are more than 600 works of his on display. It was definately very extensive and it was very interesting to see some of his lesser known works, especially his interpretations of De Goya. I also enjoyed the opening hallway with portraits and pictures with quotes and comments from the man himself. I wished that there were more of his larger works such as “Spellbound” but the 20 ft sculptures made up for that.

The only unpleasant and negative experience that I encountered was the inevitable saturation of art snobs and faux pretentious hipsters wannabes who were extraordinary and annoyingly vocal about how they thought about his interpretations and clearly trying to hit on their female group members. There were a few times, when I was eavesdropping, that I couldn’t contain my composure over some of the cheesey lines they were giving. I suppose you’ll have that in every facet of art. Ultimately, I highly suggest making your way down there if you’re a fan of his work.

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