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My husband came home from work last night and said his company’s going to move its IT operations to India. Not immediately – the whole move would take place over 18 months. This was announced in a full staff meeting. Even as he was coming back to his desk, he could feel the glares of his colleagues, as if, somehow just by being Indian, he has instigated this whole move. The fact that he is going to suffer a similar fate, being a local employee, seems to have escaped everybody.

Today, I read that Aviva’s going to do something similar as well.

I am afraid.

It takes a long time for people to trust and accept us – but that hard-won trust and acceptance can be snapped in a minute. A whiff of terrorism – the glares and stares make a come back; losing your job cos your company’s moving the operations to Asia – watch out!

Matthew Wright was joking yesterday about some Asian youths and the slogans written on their knapsacks – ‘Don’t be phobic, I am not Islamic’ or words to that affect. I can imagine what prompts these people to come up with such ideas. Cos I have felt the stares and the accusatory glances. One one memorable occasion, have even been spat at. Charming!

Between self and hubby, we contribute to the UK economy by paying our taxes on time; pay all our bills and council taxes; but our skin colour prompts local patriots to scream ‘go home!’. *sigh*

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  1. Flora (unregistered) on September 19th, 2006 @ 11:16 am

    Thanks for posting about your personal experience with this. I have often imagined how the daily life of Asians must be affected in this way in the current climate in Britain (I’m not Asian).

    What would you suggest, if anything, that non-Asians can do to show support of Asians in our community?

    I feel that there is a silent majority of non-Asians who would love to drown out bigots and racists but aren’t sure how…

    I want to counteract glares and dirty looks but giving a big random smile to your Asian neighbour seems a bit weird! :)

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