Let There Be Light.

272513204_5872788fd3.jpgRecently on my post dinner walks to find chocolate and Cola Cola -down St Anns Road Ive noticed a large, industrial warehouse type building that I’ve managed to not see most of my 25 years living in this area.

Why is this significant? Its Purple, Blue, Orange, Red and last night – Lime Green.

Not the actual bricks and mortar, but the alienesque glow that eminates all around lighting up all the houses around it. Myself and the husband decided to investigate – think 11.30 at night, in the back streets of an area that is overflowing with high crime rates, building sites and abandoned cars. It was like a really bad movie with the audience screaming ” Just GO HOME – Keep walking!!!! ”

Crossing into Preston Road wasnt enough the glow just got deeper and turned from purple to blue. It was eerie. We actually had to walk right up to the building – now going bright red.

Huge Glass doors proclaimed it was the Loiuse T Blouin Institute. INSTITUTE??? Was the elephant man in there? Some Crazy nutcases? There was a whole load of cameras prjecting over every angle of the building, which on investigation faced a WHSmith Depot and a section of the White City Development. This was all pretty weird and now it was going yellow….. ltbi_space_pic02.jpg

A licence notice on the door told us that this Louise woman was applying for a licence under Hammersmith and Fulham for entertainment and drinks between 8 am amd 11pm… A Pub? A Club? Some kind of colour fetish masionic society?
We left decideding to look up the weirdness on the internet – after I declared that when I grow up I want to live in the purple roof.

The Louise T Blouin Institute is in fact a installation art gallery. It only opened last weekend – hence it suddenly appearing where once there were council houses.
The Artist a Mr James Turrell is exhibiting his back catalouge of work inside – and the Institute has commissioned a permenent light installation on the exterior.

” The permanent Turrell installation will work with the fa├žades of the building, using all 80 of the existing external windows. Each window, lit from within, will act as an intelligent unit, controlled individually or as a whole to create an ever-changing artwork on the facade of the building” – hence the weird stuff *phew*

According to various internet research, it would seem that Ms Blouin McBain personally invested 2 Million pounds into the building and its inteneded use is to bring art into specific areas and enrich the cutural attitude towards art, experimentation and to broaden our minds – not give us minor heart attacks.ltbi_space_pic03.jpg

The price to get in is only 10 pounds – and free for ALL concessions which leads me to beleive that these people do actually intend for the residents of the area to be able to get in – hand in hand with this are plans to visit schools in the area and to lead adult workshops withing the building. My new neighbour might be a little weird and disarming – but I think I might like it already!!

The Louise T Blouin Institute

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