Daredevil? Or idiot?

Went to East Ham on Saturday evening. Thought I shall pay a visit to the temple, it being Diwali and all. Then of course, one had to detour via the food shops to stock up on the Indian food items. Even as we were driving through the High Street, I was just commenting how like home it felt, driving through the streets on Diwali, with fireworks being set off on all directions.
As I was walking into the store, I could see that traffic had come to a standstill a few feet up. Reason? An enterprising idiot had kept this huge firework in the middle of the road and it was chugging one after another. Cars and buses were just waiting a good distance away from that. As if that wasn’t enough, the idiot then proceeded to pick up the thing with his bare hands and aim it at random buildings as he walked away! Of course, things only could get worse from there – and they did! One of the fireworks landed in the front lawns of a nearby house and the resident was up in arms and fists were flying soon!
Need I say it – no police was in sight? I would have thought Diwali night, there would at least be a couple of bobbies about the place. It is this whole fear of offending the minorities that gets to me. Of course, now who is going to get the flak? Not the person who caused all this ruckus – but poor bystanders like me, who has to be on the receiving end of ‘the glare’ and the cold shoulder.

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