A London concert site

I used to subscribe to TimeOut until I realized that I never actually went anywhere, and I certainly never planned anything in advance. Each week the beast would arrive on my doorstep, to be added to a pile of unread others, and I fell more and more behind on the goal of ‘living life to the fullest’ rather than ‘watching Living TV while full.’

Reader Lynsie Camuso sent in a link to her rather jazzy concert planning site, ShowClix. The site seems to have some very useful and nicely-implemented features, such as the ability to track concerts from your favourite artists. Lot’s of groovy Web 2.0 stuff there, such as seeing how many other people are interested in, although like any of these things, it helps if there are other people who like the same artists as you.

Maybe this will help me get out to some live music sometime soon. Does anyone else have suggestions for how to winnow out London’s infinite entertainment options?

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