Growing up in a city on the Ring of Fire, I spent school earthquake drills under my desk, clutching my hands behind my neck to protect my spinal cord, wondering if I could heed the advice to leave my schoolmates pinned under a bookshelf while I run to safety.

The threatened city-crusher didn’t come (and hasn’t, yet) but I still get a shiver when I hear about earthquakes. Luckily our recent one didn’t kill anyone, and injuries were very few. And the headlines were almost charming: “Quake damages buildings and startles people awake,” says The Guardian.

But if you do want to revel in a bit of our own Nature’s fury, check out the ancient fault lines that criss-cross crust beneath Britain.

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  1. padster on March 3rd, 2008 @ 3:41 pm

    Radio 4 mentioned a woman who thought it was her husband breaking wind. Bless.

    Not-quite-literally earth shaking UK earthqake must’ve happened when my wife and I were returning home from a night out. In that situation (an inadvisable visit to the Jolly Butchers in the High St and maybe even some "dirty chicken") I’d have been surprised if the pavements *weren’t* rocking.

  2. padster on March 5th, 2008 @ 11:09 am

    Hey – I can’t find anywhere on the site to suggest an article etc. So I’m just going to do it here. Sue me.

    Anyone seen the super-creepy Met police poster campaign, asking you to report suspicious activity? As if that’s going to help us stave off the rampaging hordes of enemies-within that are almost entirely imaginary surely exist?

    Here’s one of the posters:

    …and here’s someone’s fabulous riposte:

    …and here’s a link to a page on the internet that has some great discussion on this, and many other London-related issues:

    C’mon Metroblogging London. Some engaging content, PLEASE!

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