Motorcycle (bus lane) emptiness

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Besides white van men, motorcyclists easily come top in the prestigious all-London “who can nearly knock Imran off his bike the most” championships.

So, some people might be a bit concerned that Major BoJo is proposing that motorcycles be allowed onto the thus-far hallowed turf of bus lanes.

Personally, I just love the challenge. But for all those of you who would like to see me live a little longer, please sign the petition to remind ‘cycling-friendly’ Boris that there are bigger dangers on the road than sodding bendy buses.

Image courtesy of Adelarks

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  1. gepc on May 31st, 2008 @ 12:56 pm

    Hmm! Motorcyclist using bus lanes makes it more dangerous for cyclists. Therefore by keeping cyclists and motorcyclist separate it improves safety? Therefore on roads with no cycle or bus lane cyclists should be band for their own safety… Nonsense!

    What about the cyclist that smashed the handlebars into the rear lights of my car. Then disappeared off into traffic, shouting abuse as if by being stationary I had committed some perversion against children. The £128 + labour was just what I deserved for being a “capitalist pig”. No bus lane there and oh my god, they could have been hurt.

    Let’s take a step back – Bus lanes were put there to improve the efficiency of busses moving through traffic congested routes. If cycles were also banned from bus lanes it would have placed them in a potentially dangerous sandwich between the bus lane and other traffic (something that many cyclists seem to do out of choice). The down side to letting cyclists into bus lanes is that when one (and it only takes one) is travelling at 10-mph, the bus, and ALL it’s passengers and those waiting down the route are unconvinced by the delay. The bus takes longer on its journey, adding to the pollution that we all have to breathe. On the other hand a motorcyclist even on a 50cc moped is going to be travelling at 20-mph+.

    At traffic lights motorcyclists are quicker away and are not the slow clearing, rolling obstruction of 10 cyclists gradually winding up their speed. I also realise that in a selfless act to overcome this problem many cyclist don’t stop at the lights, or take off early while lights are still red.

    Of course cyclists need to be protected. Maybe compulsory training would be a start, so that they, like every other road vehicle user, might understand the rules of the road, road signs, that the pavement is for people and that long vehicles, like busses and lorries, cut corners when turning etc etc.

    Maybe cyclists could even contribute to the cost of the cycle lanes, cycle light and crossing, by paying road tax like the rest of us. What about insurance so that when they crash into a pedestrian, or damage property, there is some chance of being compensated? Oh and finally registration plates so that when they do break the law the cctv cameras that catch and fine the rest of us, can do likewise to this otherwise privileged commuter.

    My point is cyclist have their problems, but you are not unique and you have a free ride, compared to the rest of us, at the moment. If those of us that are paying for your free ride start to resent it, it could be more discomforting than sharing the bus lane with motorcyclists.

    For the record, I have a car and a motorbike. I pay road tax, insurance and have a full licence for both. They are parked off the public road at home and at work. I can only drive one at a time and that is usually the motorbike, for commuting the 20-miles to and 20-miles from work every day in central London. I have passed my cycling proficiency test and cycled to work for 5-years, until they removed the showers at my workplace.

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