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I wanna go!

Tube Poster
Oh man.. Le Corbusier @ the Barbican heavenly, dont miss it! 19 February 2009 – 24 May 2009


Awe-inspiring photos of the Greatest City in the World

Here’s a gallery of simply stunning aerial pictures of London at dusk and by night.

What an extraordinary place we live in!

The photographer is Jason Hawkes and here’s the link.

Great Street Art

Love it.

I want a T shirt of it.

Would it be bad of me just to make one? I mean – they put the pic up in the street, so it’s kind of public domain, right?

Love on the Line

Saw this on the road near where I live:

road paint love heart

Don’t ask me why I was examining the white lines on the road. I just notice odd things.

Isn’t it just the most perfect little road-paint-blob love heart?

I *heart* N16! Or does N16 *heart* me?

Panoramic London

Smithfields Market by Peter Watts

Smithfield's Market by Peter Watts

Some one sent me this really cool link about a year and a half ago…(!!)Cool Map, It’s like a Google map with load and loads of panoramic images stuck on it. The streetviews are awesome mostly taken by a guy called Peter Watts.

Each time you click on a new photo you get a Photographers description and loads of cute stuff, like little facts and travel directions. Its a really cool little site, with a handful of cities available to look at like Singapore, Sydney and Vienna.

Francis Bacon @ Tate Britain

Has anyone been to this exhibition yet? Anyone willing to come along? =)

Where am I?

An easy one to start with…..

Banksy in New Orleans

Banksy Battles the Gray Ghost

Banksy Battles the Gray Ghost

I’ve been very remiss in my posting these days. That’s because I’ve been orchestrating an international move from London to New Orleans. Come Monday, partner PJ and I will be back in the arms again of my family and childhood friends. Head Metblog Dude, Sean Bonner, has allowed me to carry on bitching on the New Orleans Metblog, so yay!
And, speaking of New Orleans Metblog, Richard has posted that London’s own Banksy has been gracing the walls of The Big Easy and doing battle with the Gray Ghost.
On his website Banksy seems surprised at the city’s constant state of decay: “I looked out the window of the taxi on the drive into New Orleans and remarked ‘There’s still so much devastation – I can’t believe they haven’t cleaned this mess up.’ To which the driver stared at me and said ‘This part of the city wasn’t affected by the hurricane. It’s always looked like this.'”
Oh, how I cannot wait to be home again.

Oyster/Voyeur Cards

I’m digging this subversive little sticker I spotted on a wall in Upper St, Islington last night

Makes me want to go and look up the facts about the information that TFL gathers about my movements. That’s TFL plus any government/council busybody or their mates. And, no doubt, the police.

If you can’t make out the URL on the sticker, it’s:


Elite Squad

This film was released one year ago in Brazil and before going to the movies, half of Brazil had watched it because some guys from the company that put the subtitles in English, pirated it on the internet. [There was actually a big gaffe when the Brazilian Minister of Justice said he had watched it before the official release].

I was surprised to see the banners in the underground this week, because being Brazilian, everyone always used to comment about “City of God” to me and I always recommended this film, but no-one [except Brazilians – who have at least one geek friend who could download the movie from the internet] had ever heard of it.

If you liked “City of God” and you like blood and violence, this one is definitely a must-see. While “City of God” shows how life and crime in favela are from the favelado’s perspective, this film shows how is the favela from the police’s point of view.

This film will be officialy released in the UK this Friday.

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