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The Rocks love their influences even if no one else knows who they actually sound like.

So while I was in London I did a lot. So much that it would bore residents to tears so I?ll stick with music related events I attended during my stay.

The first was at Luminaire last Friday to see The Rocks. Luminaire is a great little spot with a terrific vibe — with incredibly friendly and helpful bartenders — and the club was hosting the Art Brut Battle of the Franchises Vol. I. I?m going to guess that every other band on the bill besides The Rocks were either musical jokes or combos that have only been around an incredibly short time with nary a moment to actually practice. I?m not saying it wasn?t great fun to watch the train-wreck after train-wreck occurring on stage because it was. I just want to make sure you have a grasp on the level of talent on display.

However I was there to see The Rocks. I had never heard of the band before and was going on Time Out?s description of the group being similar to The Pixies mixed with Blondie.

The people at Time Out really have no grasp of how to execute a half-way informed piece rock crit lit, do they? The Rocks sound absolutely nothing like either of those two bands.

However The Rocks dosound almost exactly like The Strokes who sound and awful lot like Television who were spawned by The Heartbreakers, which is doubly funny since the guitarist for The Rocks was wearing a Heartbreakers T-shirt.

I think my head just exploded.

So that was last Friday. Tomorrow I?ll fill you in on last week?s Saturday night dance fest!

Howdy London!

Tankboy from Chicago here…we just got in a couple hours ago and I’m already in love with the Tube. Chicago is known for its El trains but your system makes so much more sense and covers so much more ground. Plus a nice lady at the airport stopped my girlfriend from buying a day pass at that location because, “You’ll pay too much for it here and probably never use it for most of the zones anyway. Wait until you get closer to where you’re staying.”

Imagine that, a salesperson with scruples!


We’re going to see Billy Elliott later (against my wishes but my girlfriend’s sister mistakenly ought tickets for the play a year ago — don’t ask — and we happen to be in town the day she bought them for. After that, who knows? I’m looking forward to downing many pints, visiting many sites and maybe even poorly and arrhythmically shaking my American ass to loud dance music in a public space since no one knows who the hell I am here.

This is going to rock.

A londoner in LA

In January, my wonderful Daddy went over to America for a road trip…

He started off at LAX, got as far as San Francisco, and Drove back to LA and flew home. All in the space of 2 weeks


His Journal is over at Blogging LA, why not take a look? I found it absolutely Hilarious, but dont tell him that!

The American Dream Pt 1


Hi all. I’m in town for a few days from my blogging home of Los Angeles. I come from a particular substratum of American geek whose adolescence was comprised of high school theater, Monty Python and the Clash, so being in London is tremendously exciting for me, one could say a lifelong wish. Wandering confusedly around these places with names that are so foreign and so familiar at the same time.

Visitors to the city would be well advised to avoid the mistake I made of booking a room that doesn’t allow check-in until 1400, and arriving on a red-eye at 0630, especially on a Sunday, when it seems everything is closed. I wandered around the barren, empty streets for several hours, dragging my suitcase behind me, convinced I’d wandered on to the set of 28 Days Later. Good thing I bought new shoes before the trip.

Today, touristy things. Tonight, meeting up with the bloggers of this fine site. First round is on me.

And yes, the driving on the other side of the street thing is freaking me out. Not so much having to look the other way than I?m used to. But when coming to an interchange of 4 or 5 streets and having no earthy idea which way people are coming from or turning to. Thank god for all the notes on the street telling me which way to look.

An American Blogger In London

I’m taking part in Metroblogging’s blogger exchange program. I’m an author on (the Metroblogging site for Los Angeles), but am currently in London on my first trip out of the U.S. and thought I’d post a quick note while I’m here.

I arrived last Friday and have had a blast taking in this wonderful city. My best friend and I have been doing all the traditional touristy things, such as Madame Tussauds, a double-decker bus tour, a tour of the Thames River, dinner and drinks at a pub, Chicago at the theater and taking pictures of all the fabulous historic buildings London has to offer. (Ok, and pics of the red phone booths. We don’t have those in LA!)

While I miss Los Angeles’ sunny weather (it was 80 degrees there yesterday), I am enjoying bundling up for your chilly weather and occasionally using my “brolly.” I don’t often have use for a coat, scarf and gloves back at home.

Everyone here has been so nice and although this is a big city, I still feel very safe while I’m out and about. And don’t get me started on your underground system – I LOVE IT! It’s amazingly easy to navigate and always gets me where I need to go. I definitely don’t miss the road rage that comes along with driving in LA.

So please consider this my public thank you to everyone who has made this city what it is. It’s fabulous and I’m sure I’ll be back.


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