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How gross… theres even some hairs stuck in it!


The Coolest place in London.


as voted by Gareth S.

Do you have a place that is cooler?

Isn’t She Lovely?


Nice :D

Not all coppers are bad.


These lovely Community Support Officers agreed to have their picture taken with a rose given to them by The Optimists Society on Valentines day.

However when we asked them about how they felt about the New Anti-Terrorism 2008 acts, they had absolutely no idea what we were talking about.

Heh, nice picture though!

I wanna go!

Tube Poster
Oh man.. Le Corbusier @ the Barbican heavenly, dont miss it! 19 February 2009 – 24 May 2009


The Real London

That Friday Feeling

This guy noticed me looking, and said “Do you like my sign?”

I said yes.

The thing is – he was selling the Big Issue, and probably wasn’t subject to the 9-5 Monday to Friday grind. But still – you don’t turn down an invitation to smile.

I don’t get it.

What did the BBC do wrong? The people need help, what is the problem?

Feeling Blue?

I got just the place for ya!

Today is Blue Monday, and considering yesterday was my birthday.. I know exactly what they mean.

Yes Boys and Girls. it is the worst day of the year! But lovely James and the Optimists Society (do you remember them?) have a cure.

Reclaimation of the most depressing day of the year will be taking place in various events and locations across the capital, with the main event being held at the Comedy Store. There you will find a laughter workshop. rumour has it there is SPACEHOPPERS, motivational seminar by the “The Gansta Motivator” that cannot be missed, as well a laughter workshops and laughter Yoga.

So don’t be miserable. Join us, the Beeb and get with the International Optmist Day vibe and turn yourself orange!

Grin and Beat it– The Optimist Society
13:00 – 14:30

The Comedy Store
1a Oxendon Street
Picadilly Tube

Who’s the Anti-Social One?

You know what really bugs me? The assumption, on the part of public servants and services, that it’s OK for them to desecrate our public spaces with their paranoid, ugly security nonsense. Take a look at this:

This is in Trafalgar Square, pretty much the centre of London, the centre of tourist London, and that place should be the jewel in our public crown. But the powers-that-be are so concerned that someone might climb up the lamp post and, you know, do criminal stuff (what? throw petrol bombs? moon at the police?) that they cover it in “anti-climb paint” and then stick on an ugly, amateurish sign about the paint.

NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Take a look at the lamp post itself. It’s pretty, it’s well made, it’s either Victorian, or it’s a decent replica. And they stuck their ugly, paranoid little photocopied sign on it.

The final thing I’m going to rant about is that fact that, actually, this wasn’t a lamp post. It was, (of course!), a frigging CCTV camera post.

The days we live in!

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