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So, I go see a film (Burn After Reading – pretty good), and I walk out of the cinema thinking about the end of another Coen Brothers film, Fargo, with all that snow, and I hear people going “Oooh – look”, and what do you know – it’s snowing like hell! Totally unexpected. I love that.

Elite Squad

This film was released one year ago in Brazil and before going to the movies, half of Brazil had watched it because some guys from the company that put the subtitles in English, pirated it on the internet. [There was actually a big gaffe when the Brazilian Minister of Justice said he had watched it before the official release].

I was surprised to see the banners in the underground this week, because being Brazilian, everyone always used to comment about “City of God” to me and I always recommended this film, but no-one [except Brazilians – who have at least one geek friend who could download the movie from the internet] had ever heard of it.

If you liked “City of God” and you like blood and violence, this one is definitely a must-see. While “City of God” shows how life and crime in favela are from the favelado’s perspective, this film shows how is the favela from the police’s point of view.

This film will be officialy released in the UK this Friday.

Avant-Garde Filmmaker Jonas Mekas Live at the Curzon Soho


This one from my mates over at the Curzon who work so hard to keep it real in the Blockbuster state of the West End. Jonas Mekas, perhaps one of the most influential Avant-Garde filmmakers of our times, will be in conversation (that means live) at the Curzon Soho on Saturday the 19th of July at 4 p.m. He will be screening and discussing (amongst other things) his 1997 film “Birth of a Nation.” Here is what he has to say about it:

One hundred and sixty portraits or rather appearances, sketches and glimpses of avant-garde, independent filmmakers and film activists between 1955 and 1996. Why BIRTH OF A NATION? Because the film independents IS a nation in itself. We are surrounded by commercial cinema Nation same way as the indigenous people of the United States or of any other country are surrounded by the Ruling Powers. We are the invisible, but essential nation of cinema. We are the cinema.”

More about Mekas here

Curzon info here

Avant-Garde stuff here

London Film School Grad Shoots First Ad for Monkey Pod Games

The relationship to London is that the director of this sweet little ad for Monkey Pod Games is a graduate of the London Film School. I was at the LFS at the turn of the century, and Goor Moshe came after me, but our alumni organization is strong. Congrats Goor! Well done, and good luck with your career.


Send off for Two Guys in a Van

Another bit of shameless self-promotion: my feature documentary “Tokyo Cowboys” wot I made with my partner Patrick Jackson will be screening at Cannes…well, sort of.

“Cannes in a Van” is the brain child of Andy, Si and Jamie: “Three blokes, a projector and a van, take on the big guns at Cannes in a new approach to guerrilla cinema. We screen the best selection of short-films from the cream of independent filmmaking to a receptive, captive audience.”

You can check out more about Cannes in a Van by going to their website.

But, the London connection: the boys are leaving for Cannes tomorrow night at 10 p.m. The send off party is from 7 p.m. Come join us to send the boys off in style and to help Tokyo Cowboys celebrate its voyage:

Cannes in a Van Send Off Drinks

Sam Rockwell Moons London


My mate and fellow LFS alumni Duncan is in the middle of filming his first feature “Moon” at Shepperton Studios (not technically London, I know, but close enough). Sam Rockwell is in the lead playing a scientist returning to Earth after a three-year sojourn on the Moon.

I’ve been getting updates from Duncan during shooting, but the one he sent today is a whopper. “Moon” was featured on Film 2008 with Jonathan Ross. It’s after the “10,000 BC” bit.

If you’re interested in Sci-Fi and have a penchant for those classic films of the 70s, this will be the film for you. Duncan’s references are the likes of “Alien” (the original) and “Silent Running.” It won’t be out ’til 2009, but Rockwell will be around for a few more weeks, so you might catch sight of him strutting around central. If you do, give me a ring. He is hot!

Check out Duncan on the set with cool production design and super cool geek equipment wot I don’t know anything about but looks cool anyway.

Duncan on the Set

Rockwell photo from IMDB.

Fancy a bit of Hungarian Cinema?

Miklos Jancso

My mate Simon over at the Curzon sent me info about their MIKLÓS JANCSÓ season in two weeks with the man himself doing Q&A. From Friday the 14th to Sun the 16th at Soho and Mayfair cinemas. Not only do they do good programs over there, but if you’re interested in seeing film in a “grown up” cinema, these are the venues. No sticky crap on the floor, no talking audience, cushy seats and lots of leg room. I love these venues.

For more info on the program, go here:

A bit of Shameless Self Promotion


The experimental short documentary “Liza” by director Patrick Jackson (produced by Daneeta Loretta Saft, music by Kirmann_) has been nominated for the LUX Award for Best Experimental Film at the 5th London Short Film Festival (4th – 13th January 2008). The film will be part of the Leftfield & Luscious screening at the ICA on Monday 7th January at 6.30pm. Please come along. Patrick, Kirmann_ , and Daneeta are all LFS Alumni. Also screening is Jackson’s “Daybreak” as part of the “Love on the Road” screening at the ICA on Friday 11th January at 6.30pm. “Daybreak” was 90% crewed by LFS Alumni.

5th London Short Film Festival

Halloween presents THe 5th London Short Film Festival. Fri 4th – Sun 13th January 2008. ICA, Curzon Soho, Roxy Bar & Screen and Amersham Arms

Looking for New Film Making Talent?

grad2007invitecrop.jpgAnyone interested in new talent should check out the films coming from London Film School graduates at their annual show. I graduated in 2003 and have been working as an independent filmmaker here in London since then. Ben Gibson’s complete overhaul of the school is reflected in the quality films that are coming out of the place in recent years. I have also worked with this new crop of filmmakers, and I’ve been quite impressed with their professionalism and their technical and artistic integrity and grit.

Graduates will be screening their films at the National Gallery on 11th December from 10 – 12 and 2 – 4:30 followed by a drinks reception. Screenings are by invitation only, but you can RSVP by signing up here and saying that Daneeta sent you.

Hope to see you guys there.

December Burlesque


Just in time for Christmas, Simone from the Curzon is organizing the first year of The Smoking Cabinet Festival (a festival of burlesque and cabaret-themed films). From December 7th – 9th, the event will include silent film screenings, live performance, live music, cabaret, debate and general merriment.

Simone says “We’ll have a whole host of activities taking place over the course of the weekend. On opening night we’ll present dancers, cabaret performers and The London Improvisers Orchestra performing a rampant jazz improvisation to some gems from the silent period. Throughout the weekend we’ll also have rip-roaring debate courtesy of numerous special guests including Vanessa Toulmin, Amy Lame, Marisa Carnesky, Fabien Riggall and many, many more.”

You can book tickets at the Curzon and get more info on the Smoking Cabinet Website or hit their Myspace page and become a friend.

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