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N.E.R.D. Album Preview @ Present, Shoreditch.

Last night an eager crowd – kept cool and loose by the bartenders of 69 Colebrook Row – crammed into the men’s clothing store Present on Shoreditch High Street, to hear a preview of N.E.R.D.’s latest record. Pharrell was on-hand to introduce each track, but not until after we as an audience had been sternly warned about impending prosecution should we record, photograph, or fail to clap anything during the performance. Eyes rolled, the music played, Pharrell wandered around and chatted to people. A surprisingly low-key affair, all-in-all.

Not having an in-depth prior knowledge of  N.E.R.D. personally, I won’t offer any kind of re(pre?)view, other than that the record is pretty eclectic and choppy. Mid-September release, we’re told. More here:

NYE Sorted?

“Seductive Alchemy is back with another NYE party! Happy Noir Eve is a hark back to the old Victorian era, where Zeppelins hover across the London Skyline, and clockwork servants scuttle around in the basement.”


This is another one of our concept events, and we’ve got an amazing line-up:

Richard Stark – Opera singer
Andrew Hubbard -Violinist
Steph West – Harpist
Firecat Masquerade – Fire spining
Etheric Chemistry – Alchemists
Madame De’la Cartomancer – Tarot
Pettigrew and Jones – Match-making service
Lord Frobisher-Pilbeam – Lord of the manor
Lady Frobisher-Pilbeam – Hostess for the evening
Doktor Von Science – Personal Physician & Alchemist

Ms C DJ (Chloe Thomas)
Shane Watcha
DJ Darlo
Clint Lee
Ben Jurassik

And a whole lot more…

Early bird tickets: £10

Ticket site
Discount code: alchemist

Website for details


Karauke, love it!

Once in a while you stumble upon something that makes you, once again, praise the lord that you live in a teeming metropolis, rather than out in the sticks.


Karauke: The fusion of Karaoke and Ukelele playing. In a trendy bar in Hoxton. Tres chic.

This apparently happens once a month. I had a great time at this recent event, and plan on being there again, with a few friends, next month. Maybe I’ll brush up a few songs.

Facebook fan page here.

Last Chance for the Night of your Dreams…

..Or Nightmares.

Ruby’s top Halloween Treats are here!!!

Firstly a massive big up has to go out to my Friends over at Bringstuff. Tonight for one night only they will be teaming up with the Almighty Celebrity Murder Party for a night of frightful fund-raising for Charity Camp Cando. BringStuff headed up by Giacomo and Katy, are the people that brought you Black and White Ball and more recently the fantabulous Bring Pirates Pub Boat Brawl!

Its been brought to our attention that there are still over 150 tickets available for this Dreams and Nightmares themed event. If you go to the Bringstuff website or befriend either him or the Group you may well be able to arrange a ticket, the Pre-Party meet-up is at London Bridge 8pm. Alternatively make sure you’re one of the first 150 people at Hays Galleria before 8pm, get your free shot, buy some raffle tickets and get ready for a night that you will not forget!

Still on the Southside of Town is the Lost Society Haloween Weekender.

Lost Society is a renovated 16th Century Barn which originally formed part of the ‘Claphampton’ Manor Estate (get that!). Historically a Banquet was held there in honour of Elizabeth the First, and the Artistic flair and flamboyance of Elizabeth’s England remains present thorough the modern day Decor.

Emma LostSociety hosts special events through the year, Fondue Thursdays, Cocktail class (truly awesome) and the ever Popular Halo Events.

If you only fancy paying a fiver to get your Halloween kicks Lost Society is the Place for you!!

Last but but least is the old faithful William IV on the Harrow Road. Tonight is a Cowboy and Indians Party – which I find kind of refreshing considering that *everyone* is going to be dressed as the living dead this evening (not my best look). Free, funky and in West, this is where I will be heading this evening… Have a good one!

A Warning to bongo-drummers

Hackney man critically ill after catching Anthrax from bongo drums!

OK – that’s a bit of a silly way to put it, but someone is, sadly, very ill after inhaling anthrax spores from animal skins while making drums. Apparently it’s not unheard of. A quick google-around tells me that someone in Scotland died in 2006, and another drum-maker from Greenwich Village had the same problem a while back. Oh, the dangers of being a bohemian!

Well, I hope our Hackney drum-maker gets well soon, and that his goat skins remain ever anthrax free in future.

Real story on BBC news here.

Next time you’re at a party and someone gets the bongoes out – time to pop out into the garden for a bit of fresh air, I think…

What’s the Matter with a super club?

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to go to the press launch of the new “super club” in London’s O2. Matter really is a hell of a place. It has a huge amount going for it as it can be and will be a club that will play an eclectic amount of music having dance and indie nights as well as having live acts as well.

With its location in the dome the best way to get there is pretty much the best way to travel around London and that is by boat which will take take you a to a 2 minute walk from getting into the club. The boat trips on London are superb and really get your anticipating a good night ahead. Not only that but boats will be running all night on club nights so you can get back into town with ease.

The club itself has a huge amount of cool stuff, the decor is basic (all concrete) but the dance floor in the main auditorium vibrates with the bass of the music and turns your body into a speaker itself. In the vip the is a walkway which goes over the main dance floor which is some 30 foot below.

Check out the Matter website for all their events which are upcoming i will definitely be going again as they have some huge names which will be entertaining.

Radiohead Concert: Five out of Five


I thought I was going to be a Radiohead widow on Tango Tuesday. Kirmann had managed to get a ticket for PJ, but there was no joy for me. At the last possible minute, Mitlepunkt came through with a dodgey eBay purchase.


Sometimes I wonder if I drink too much

Me Gigging
Having lived in London for 8 years, I can’t really gage anymore. When I first came to London, I had not been drinking for about 3 years. Nothing horrible…I just stopped one day in an effort to drop a few pounds and never started up again. So, when I came here, I was clean. Slowly, slowly, I started drinking.

Fast forward to the present and on the Saturday I had two pints before walking from Covent Garden to Great Eastern Street then another three pints of bitter at the gig. All of this over about a 5 hour period. Brits would call me a light drinker, however, Americans would say that I am binging.



This is something that happens to me a lot in clubs. I’ll be shaking my bootie to some tronic, and the guy next to me will shout: “Yeah! I love this tune! Don’t you love this tune!” I just shake my head in affirmation because I don’t want to embarrass myself by saying: “I have never heard this tune before, I think it’s crap, and I’m only dancing because if I sit down I will fall asleep.”

I really want to go to one of the Shellac Sisters gigs. From their website: “The Shellac Sisters are four glamorous retrochics who dress in all things vintage and play 78rpm records on 1920s wind-up gramophones.” Yeah. And I’d like to wear a dress…a nice one with frills. And a hat too.

Myspace link here.

Thanks to Boing Boing.

Kaki King plays at Roundhouse

So one of the most amazing guitar players in the world is performing at Roundhouse in Camden Friday and Saturday night. I actually got my arse out of bed at 5 AM just to tell you this. Roundhouse of course being an incredible venue in London to see a gig. Listen to Kaki and both your brain and heart will melt together. She played a gig with the Foo Fighters in November, one that was sorely missed by yours truly. Be sure not to miss this one, really. Cancel your date with grandmother, mother, father, television, girl/boyfriend or whatever, or better yet bring them with you (not your TV). This will most likely sell out soon, so you’ve been warned. I think the Friday night gig is already proper sold out.

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