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Pigeon Feet Survey.

Gynecological Christmas Decorations

It’s well past 12th night, so I probably shouldn’t be talking about Christmas decorations at all, but I can’t resist posting this pic of the lovely lights that were up in Regents St.

Is it just me, or is there something a trifle… uterine… about the design?

The Ultimate in Tube Cool

… is at the London Transport Museum, Covent Garden.

My friend who works there joined me at the Ballet the other night, and let it slip that they have just taken delivery of the limited edition victoria and dirstrcit line moquette, wait for it… BASEBALL BOOTS!!

I do remeber seeing the Handbags, also available online at Hippy Shopper, but I wasnt that taken on the idea at the time. All the items in the range are made out of the off cuts from tube seats – However I just can’t get the idea of a million people sitting on my handbag out of my head! Baseball boots though…

And dont forget while you are down there the awesome Art of the Poster Exhibition, apparently they have 60 original peices of art used to create tube posters and entry is included in the standard Museum ticket price.

A Warning to bongo-drummers

Hackney man critically ill after catching Anthrax from bongo drums!

OK – that’s a bit of a silly way to put it, but someone is, sadly, very ill after inhaling anthrax spores from animal skins while making drums. Apparently it’s not unheard of. A quick google-around tells me that someone in Scotland died in 2006, and another drum-maker from Greenwich Village had the same problem a while back. Oh, the dangers of being a bohemian!

Well, I hope our Hackney drum-maker gets well soon, and that his goat skins remain ever anthrax free in future.

Real story on BBC news here.

Next time you’re at a party and someone gets the bongoes out – time to pop out into the garden for a bit of fresh air, I think…

Boris and Ken in Lego

I went to Legoland Windsor a few weeks back. Rain, queues, expense, queues… you get the picture. The kids loved it. But I was amused to see that the personnel at London City Hall have been updated. Boris, Ken: there they are…

Staines may suck, but…..

I was coming on the tube home tonight (well the bus and the two tubes, working in Staines sucks), reading the London Paper as usual. I have for the last week or so tried to delude myself that there is NO finacial crisis and everything is NOT going to get more expensive by reading various books on the way to work; however having stayed at the Boys house I was today without any books and therefore having to deal with reality.

Why is it that whoever writes in to do the columns, no matter who they are, they are griping? About the tourists, the grumpy barmaids and the cyclists… The men who WILL stand up for women and the whatever else it is happens to piss them off. I just think its kind of weird that if you have only 400 words to represent your point of veiw that you would spend it griping. Theres so much nice things going on.

For example there is the Optimists Society. these guys are a bit kinda freaky – I discovered them at a Pirate Party, where they gave me a card and told me that they’d spent the majority of the Day on Southbank in Pants and Babygrows – this is before becoming pirates. They also charged people cash to have their piccies done with the panted people and gave all the money to Charity!!! On further investigation I found that these guys do regular events promoting a “glass is fuller” attitude – I’d love to tell you more but the Dude never replied to my email, however you can find the facebook here

OOOH And the Pirate people are having another Party by the way – but more of that another soon…

I am getting some Afghan action

I finally got my own enormous, gorgeous carpet from Afghan Action.

I posted about this London/Afghan charity before, and the good work that they do offering training, education and a good living within Afghanistan. Now I have an example of the craftsperson’s work on my floor and it is utterly stunning.

It’s so nice to get something for the home that is fair trade and will last a lifetime, and the next lifetime, rather than some piece of MDF that is just biding time before it becomes landfill. This is a work of art that will become an heirloom, assuming I get some heirs at some point.

They have carpets starting at £200, which is fantastic for a hand-made object that is fair trade and beautiful, and is packed with so much good karma that you can spend every Sunday lying on it and watching Star Trek reruns totally guilt-free for the rest of your life. They also sell great ethical gifts.

Rave review for Afghan Action…thanks for making my house look less like a student squat and making me feel so good doing it!

Thames Festival

Incase you haven’t heard, this weekend is the Annual Mayors Thames Festival.

Myself and my friend Natasha passed through there today. We had a bit of a walkabout, I had met another friend from Uni in Caranby street for Lunch – Pure California, (expensive but really really nice), and I decided to walk down to check out the Pavilion. Tash called me whilst I was on the way and then we ended up we were doing a bit of a tourist thing – The Serpentine, The Gehry Pavilion, The Royal Albert Hall, and Buckingham Palace. Yeah and this is with a chick that “doesn’t do walking….”

So anyway we figured being so near to the River we should check out this Festival. We were planning to go tomorrow anyway (there’s a fireworks display at around 9pm between Waterloo & Blackfriars Bridges), so it seemed a good idea to see where all the good stuff was happening, and what was going on – even if it was going to be worth the hassle – she lives in New Cross at the moment.

South Bank was heaving – and we could hear the music from Westminster Bridge. There was like a weird scaffold thing on Jubilee Gardens, which we later found out to be the set for Free-running performances. It all looked really awesome. What actually sold us was walking into the Weasley Twins as they came out of the CBBC Tent and getting them to take photos with us. We did that to Cesar Pelli once too you know….

We’re definitely going back tomorrow – the Free-Runners ill be performing again all day tomorrow (look out for Blue), there’s a fire dragon, jive stage, moon festival and street cabaret as well as the aforementioned firework display….

My only regrets are my phone battery running out – hence the lack of pictures… but we’re definitely going tomorrow so that’s easily rectified!

Ahoy There!

Oooh Ooooh! Pirate Party Alert!

Of all my favourite things to do, dressing up as a pirate has to be to be top on my favourites list. Pirates are simply the best, striped tights and pantaloons or wench blouses with buckled boots you cannot fail to look super cool and dangerous when you are a pirate.

Even better is doing so whilst having access to a boat – and best has to be while you are partying on a boat, no? You cannot imaging my joy when I learnt that Bring Stuff are having a Pirate Party on a PUB BOAT!

The best thing about this is that it’s free (before 10pm)… OK the second best thing. The best thing has to be the fact that you get to be a part of the Biggest Bestest Pirate take-over on the River Thames this (pitiful) summer!

Bring Pirates is being held on the Tattershall Castle on the 20th September. Full details can be found on the Bring Stuff Website, or the Facebook event page. There’s going to be games like Yarr’ing at the police boats and prizes for Best Pirate and Best Pirate Jig – you know what you are even encouraged to be rude and piratey!! this is my kind of party!

If you needed anymore reasons to be there, I’d tell you to take a look at last years photos. But I think we all know this is not an event to be missed – I’ll see you all there me Heartys!!


For the second time this week I was late this morning. There were 5 Fire engines, two police vans, and a emergency response unit as I exited Hammersmith pink line and made my way over to the Broadway Centre

A bomb maybe? or a security alert? NO… a fucking suicide.

I am awfully sorry if you think I am being unsympathetic, but I don’t think its fair. I have suffered depression, as have many other londoner’s. In fact the Metro pointed out this morning that 3 men in Britain commit suicide everyday. It is a sad thing. But WHY OH WHY do they feel the need to do it

a/ in front of a train – it MUST hurt
b/at the busiest train station they can think of
c/ at 8.30 in the morning.

Someone at work said its might be the last attempt to piss off a world that’s dealt them badly. Well I say get a bloody therapist or do it somewhere else. Its not fair, its not nice, and I saw the poor guys that had to clean it up – and it was THEM I felt sorry for.

So please think twice if your planning to jump tomorrow morning, cos Ruby for one has NO sympathy.

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