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Say wha …?

sign.jpgI do no’ thin’ that means what you thin’ it means, senor.

(Spotted earlier today at the Museum of Natural History)



Tennis Heads

I don’t know why, but this window dressing in the Piazza really freaks me out. I think it scares the kiddies too. Stop it, already.

Tennis Head

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Talk is Cheap…

…but shakin’ your bootie is for free, girl*


My favorite Indy-Electropop band, 89 Turns, are playing again. But this time, they are going whole hog with a new monthly club night. “Talk is Cheap” will house two live bands and 5 DJs all in one night. Friday night at DEX: dance all night as the place doesn’t close ’til 6 a.m. This will be a monthly event, but be sure not to miss the inaugural night as I predict lovely craziness. Click “Continue Reading” for the full flyer.


Firstly, I have to say as far as I am aware, Cockfosters is not in Middlesex, in fact its in a different direction I think.

Like in North London, instead of West London which is where Middlesex meets sleepy Ruislip and then turns into Hounslow (euck) until you are safely back in the smog filled haze of West London. No Cockfosters is definately not Middlesex. But that is where Middlesex University is.

You probably guessed I just enrolled there and I am finding it VERY disorientating, and not just because it is in the wrong place. Being on the wrong side of 25 (just) and joining a tribe of 18 year olds is freaky. I feel old. I felt very young until last Monday and I believe it is THIER fault.

THEY are everywhere. I never noticed it before, but today on the tube from the gym (and its only one stop) THEY were on the train, drunk, and singing about having only having 2 more stops to go. and I am nowhere near either Middlesex or Cockfosters. THEY are bunging up the streets looking lost and countrified and scared and blocking the cash machine. THEY are in ikea, buying out the whole store in groups of seven and eight and stealing all the nice shelves.

THEY are students and they scare me and I just became one of them. Help……

Steamboat Willy

thumb_7_1.jpgMy neighbor is right into human power. So much so that he and a group of mad students have built Steamboat Willy, a human powered hovercraft. I’ve actually peddled it myself and managed to keep it up for 15 seconds, which is pretty good for an out of shape bird like myself. It’s an amazing site to see. You can check out pics and videos on their website. They sometimes launch from the Southbank, so check out their schedule to see one of London’s truly unique attractions.

Food, Glorious Food

pigeoneating.jpgSo, I read the article in the Guardian the other day about bin diving at Marks and Sparks. Apparently, it’s the new hobby of middle class foodies whose food budgets are being subsumed by their mortgages. In a nutshell, M&S throw away perfectly good but nearly expired food, and the bin divers show up, pick through the goods and then invite everyone round for a not-just-any-food-but-M&S-food dinner.

What a great idea! Imagine how much money I could save if I could cash in on this. I want in.

So, I run round to my local M&S dumping ground in Covent Garden and ask the security guard what the deal is with bin diving. Seems, they did have a team of divers coming round, but there were complaints. Now M&S have to dump their food directly into the industrial sized bin that is locked up like Fort Knox. Damn! I don’t know who to be angry with: M&S for wasting all that good food or the security company for not letting the divers in.

When I was a kid growing up in Southern Louisiana, my momma would not let us get up from the table unless we had finished our dinner. It wasn’t that we were being overstuffed, it’s just that we didn’t fancy what mom had cooked. “There are children starving in Africa,” she would scream. “Well, send the food to them!” we replied back dryly.

So, M&S, why can’t you send that food to Africa…or at least down to the local shelter…or just give it to me. In this day and age, we cannot afford to waste anything…least of all food.

Acting and Directing

film_production.jpgAnother short course over at the London Film School is about to commence. This one is kinda quirky. It’s called “The Other Side of the Fence” with director Richard Kwietniowski (Owning Mahowny). It actually tests the theory that the grass is always greener. Actors and directors swap places, and the whole process is played out in this mode. Directors are always telling their actors to get inside the heads of their characters. This course allows you to get inside the head of your actor…to experience what they do, and to find ways to effectively exploit that knowledge to the benefit of both the actor and the director.

Check out the details on the LFS website. As always, I will be there to check it out.


Image002.jpgTaro is a typical boy’s name in Japanese. Sometimes they add it to another boy name like Ken-taro or, my favorite, Momo-taro (peach boy). But, the “taro” I want to talk about today is at 10 Old Compton Street in Soho.

Out again with the Belarussian and Bro-inlaw (see pic of him left holding up his recently acquired Wacken Beach Towel). Also in tow were other out-of-town family members looking for cheap but not ratty eats in Central. I found myself drunk and hungry after only 2 pints. I admit right now to being a light weight. The Belarussian comes to the rescue again with Taro. Japanese food with loads of rice and noodles to soak up already consumed alcohol. Patient staff…that is, patient with me as I try to impress family members with my broken Japanese. They never let on that I am speaking rubbish like a 5 year old. And, there is Asahi Black for the goth Belarussian: “I like the taste…and it’s black!”

All and all, it’s a great, cheap place to eat in Central with or without your family (praise be to them for being more successful than you) whom you always accidentally stick with the bill as you step outside for a cheeky fag.

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