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Boris and Ken in Lego

I went to Legoland Windsor a few weeks back. Rain, queues, expense, queues… you get the picture. The kids loved it. But I was amused to see that the personnel at London City Hall have been updated. Boris, Ken: there they are…

Motorcycle (bus lane) emptiness

Image courtesy of Adelarksl

Besides white van men, motorcyclists easily come top in the prestigious all-London “who can nearly knock Imran off his bike the most” championships.

So, some people might be a bit concerned that Major BoJo is proposing that motorcycles be allowed onto the thus-far hallowed turf of bus lanes.

Personally, I just love the challenge. But for all those of you who would like to see me live a little longer, please sign the petition to remind ‘cycling-friendly’ Boris that there are bigger dangers on the road than sodding bendy buses.

Image courtesy of Adelarks

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