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Engrish, as spoken in Dalston

So – I took this pic of a pair of jeans in the window of a clothes shop in Dalston.



One gets used to seeing mangled English on T shirts and jackets of cute Japanese tourists.

But what local English-speaking person would want to be seen wearing this load of bollocks? You’d do better to print out some Spam and wear that instead.

Nothing Like Old Clothes to Make you Feel Awesome

I am so, so loving Junky Styling. Designers Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager get their source material from charity shops and jumble sales, then, presto chango, they come up with something like this:

dress.jpg or this: dress-t.jpg,

which I am so going to beg them to let me wear to my next red carpet event.

They have a long-established shop in Brick Lane, so get your ass on your bike and ride down there for some very special clothes that can also boost your green credentials.

Heads up from Boing Boing.

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