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police find dead man after G20 protests

Brisbane News – London police find dead man after G20 protests.

I couldn’t believe this at first when I saw a comment posted on a friends facebook… Strangely its not in th UK News as of yet.

He added later “I was in the vicinity. I had to get away from the main area as it was getting very heated indeed. I could just about see what was going on. Some people were covered in blood…. Felt like a horror movie. Some of the protesters were throwing things at the police therefore delaying medical attention to the dying man – Police version: natural causes!! I am shocked”

Stand up for Gaza? Is it worth it?

Jews for Justice placard

Jews for Justice placard

On the first Saturday of the year, I was down in the centre of town at the Stand Up for Gaza march. I was joining thousands of people showing their solidarity, just as Israel was gearing up for the ground invasion and the US was reiterating its position that it was up to Hamas to stop the violence. I was frustrated, to say the least.

But don't worry - I'm not intending to bore you with the rights and wrongs of the conflict. I’ve a very simple position: Israel has a right to exist and to defend its citizens, but that its military actions in Gaza (and those in Lebanon, last time round) represent a disproportionate response to a complicated threat. I also don't think the actions are in the country's long-term security interests, but that's an argument for another time... This is about the march itself.


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